ReLearn: artificial intelligence helping organisations to improve recycling rates

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ReLearn is an innovative start-up using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help companies and municipalities increase their recycling rates.

NANDO, a ReLearn service, installs a small Internet of Things (IoT) sensor on existing bins. It uses AI to collect data on the amount and type of waste produced on a daily basis. The aim is to help people put the right waste in the right bins.

NANDO takes photos inside the bin every day to monitor waste collection. It then reports the quantity and quality of waste through a tablet installed next to the bins. You can even have competitions: which floor or office recycles the most!

For further information contact Fabrizio Custorella.

Main results

Winner of the European Social Innovation Competition (EUSIC) 2022

Impact results year-to-date (2023)

  • 12 000 daily users
  • 400 bins monitored
  • 9 months of monitoring
  • + 2 400 kg of waste properly sorted 
  • - 1 150 kg of CO2 equivalent saved by proper waste sorting
  • + 58% average improvement in recycling rate
  • Up to 60% cost reduction by measuring bin contents to reduce emptying frequency
  • >3 000 daily monitor interactions
  • 19 cities in five countries (IT, UK, DK, ES, NL)