Remix El Barrio - Co-designing with Biomaterials from food leftovers

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Remix El Barrio is one of the pilots of the H2020 EU SISCODE project. Facilitated by IAAC Fab Lab Barcelona, it engages with stakeholders and innovative designers to support a circular transition, re-evaluating surplus food and biowaste.

Remix El Barrio was born with the ambition of providing a place of learning to encourage and nurture new practices based on food-waste crafts. It all happens in the Poblenou neighbourhood, one of the 73 barrios of Barcelona, known for its creativity. This sets the ground for the pilot to foster social transformation and test new sustainable practices based on crafting with food waste.

Remix El Barrio is now a collective of designers who:

  • propose projects with food leftovers by using artisan techniques and digital manufacturing,
  • collaborate with agents from the Poblenou neighbourhood to promote a more local and circular ecosystem,
  • affirm the potential of co-design, digital manufacturing, and crafts to reinvent ways of producing, consuming, and living while respecting the environmental ecosystems,
  • want to share and replicate this experience while finding new ways to explore biomaterial making and cultural circular transitions!
Main results

From materials, products, services and platforms, nine proposals emerged from Remix El Barrio, combining the interests, needs and synergies between designers and local stakeholders.

A set of communication and educational materials has been put together to support the development of local ecosystems for co-creating, crafting and micro-producing food waste:

  • a catalogue of the exhibition “Remix El Barrio, co-design with biomaterials of food leftovers in Poblenou” with a policy brief,
  • a set of video tutorials explaining the process of making biomaterials for emerging DIY makers,
  • a GitBook (only in Spanish).