rhinopaq: reusable and recyclable shipping packaging as a B2B service

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Marc Diefenbach

Circular packaging 

Generally speaking, online retail uses shipping packaging in addition to product packaging. This shipping packaging is usually used only once: after delivery, the end user gets rid of it via waste paper containers or household waste. rhinopaq provides reusable shipping packaging boxes made of polypropylene, which can be reused up to 20 times.

The boxes are designed to replace cardboard boxes for smaller standard shipments. After a shipment, the box can be folded to the size of a large letter and returned to the store or to rhinopaq by mail. There it will be used again for the next order. After a box has reached its maximum number of uses or is removed from the cycle due to damage, it can be recycled at the plant in Germany and the material reused to make new boxes.

rhinopaq was founded in 2021 in Essen, Germany by Marc Diefenbach and Matthias Thesing.

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  • Circular solution for online retail, saving up to 51% of CO2 emissions on packaging and reducing waste
  • Online shops don't need to think about disposing of packaging if items are returned
  • Customer loyalty can be improved through reward systems when they return packaging
  • Marketing effect if the reusable packaging with store branding leaves the inhouse system and continues to be used in the private environment
  • rhinopaq can be ordered both as a service under the pay-per-use model and as classic packaging in the self-management model.