SCALITE®: creating interior design applications from fish scales

Fish scales
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SCALITE® is a material produced by SCALE and is made completely from fish scales, a by-product of the fishing industry.

The material is manufactured in stone-like blocks and tiles which are suited to many applications in interior design and decoration for the hospitality and retail sectors, offices and homes. The fish scales are collected in France, Scotland and Norway from sustainably managed stocks of sardine or salmon. Fish scales are an unwanted waste product generated in vast quantities by the fishing industry.

SCALITE® is manufactured using a natural biopolymer contained within the scales. During the production process, this biopolymer is extracted and mixed with the mineral part of the scales, creating the basis for the material. The outcome is a powder that is compressed using a proprietary process to form sheets of various dimensions and colours.

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  • The material is 100% bio-sourced, using exclusively non-toxic materials
  • SCALITE® has a low carbon footprint and good fire resistance, entails conventional timber tools and is fully recyclable.