Screen-lab: establishing a new reference framework to support H2020/ESIF synergies in Regions

SCREEN Policy Lab
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VELTHA ivzw, Belgium
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SCREEN is a Horizon 2020 project covering 17 European regions.

It aims at defining a replicable systemic approach towards a transition to Circular Economy in EU regions within the context of the Smart Specialization Strategy. The project also deals with the identification and implementation of operational synergies between investments in research and innovation under Horizon 2020, the Structural Funds and the European Investment Funds. The concept of the action is to develop a EU reference framework to establish operational synergies between Horizon 2020 and the European Structural and Investment Funds related to Circular Economy by:

  1. supporting the regional actors' participation at H2020. The mechanism of the "vouchers” will be reinforced and harmonized, in order to ensure common rules in EU regions.
  2. encouraging the entrepreneurial initiatives based on H2020 project's results
  3. investigating the possibility of maximizing the H2020 investment through a "recovery" (full or partial) of well ranked unfinanced proposals dealing with circular economy.
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The project has developed a “Mapping tool” for the identification of local value chains in the field of Circular Economy within each region, based on 6 sets of data.
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SCREEN has a specific task for the establishment and operation of a "Laboratory operations on Policies" (Policy Lab) to discuss, for instance, how to adopt a synergic use of European and regional funds or how to evaluate the "Circularity" of a certain project with respect to another one.

A first set of "Assessment Criteria" is currently being discussed within the Policy Lab.
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