Swappis: loyalty rewards and community spirit encourage circularity in your wardrobe

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Julia Fritzson-Bajdor, Founder and CEO

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter and has the second highest water consumption, according to UNCTAD, with a business model built on a linear approach.

Swappis is a clothing retail store in central Budapest aiming to counteract this with a business model that focuses on circularity and the reuse of second-hand clothes. This clothing retail store offers consumers a sustainable option that reduces overconsumption, and focuses on local solutions to expend the lifespan of clothing items. Their vision is to encourage a community of like-minded people. 

Customers go through a process to:  

  1. select the clothes and accessories they want to give away and bring them to the Swappis store
  2. receive points according to the quality and condition of the clothes, which are registered on the customer's account
  3. shop using the credit points, which can bring a 50% discount online or in the 'Swap-shop'.

Swappis believes that this membership loyalty mechanism maintains a stronger relationship with their customers than other second-hand stores.

Main results

Swappis has achieved the following:

  • 4000 registered members in their database, who bring in about 3-5 kg of second-hand clothes per person per year
  • donations of unsold clothing to local communities or for recycling at redesign factories
  • awareness-raising through social media to encourage their community to follow sustainable lifestyle patterns and adhere to conscious consumer behaviour
  • contributions to climate change mitigation by reducing carbon emissions and minimising waste in the clothing industry.