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An unexpected ally in promoting sustainability: flies!

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Nasekomo is a company based in Bulgaria that uses insects (specifically Black Soldier Flies) to produce sustainable insect protein, oils and fertilisers that can be used for feed and in agricultural industries. Nasekomo’s goal is to use – and increase the usage of – these insects as part of a global solution to the issues caused by the exponential consumption of meat.

Flies are an efficient and sustainable way of reducing and capitalising on waste. In less than two weeks, these insects turn 60% of organic waste into proteins, lipids and other substances, creating a circular loop.

Nasekomo has identified insects as a sustainable alternative to meet the increased demand for food. Nasekomo's project could be relevant in other areas in future, as: 

  • more and more land is being used for agriculture (reducing natural environments like the Amazon)
  • in Europe, the feed stock is imported and demand is growing
  • the use of fishmeal to raise more fish is not sustainable and reduces ocean wildlife.

Identified challenge(s):

Main results: 
  • Sustainable, environmentally-friendly product
  • Production of an organic fertiliser with a low carbon footprint
  • Local agricultural co-production
  • Decreased carbon footprint and local availability of protein sources
  • Contribution to the preservation of marine wildlife by offering an alternative that avoids depleting wild fish stocks