Wishing to organise an event anywhere in Finland? Rent a tapahtumakärry!

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Tapahtumakärry (in English an "event cart") is a trailer packed with all goods and tools necessary for different (summer) events. It includes audio equipment, a tent, a grill and a gas cooker, traffic control and first-aid equipment and cam carts. Local 4H-associations are in charge of maintaining the event trailer and renting it to other associations, residents and companies.

The event-trailer service was introduced in July 2021 as a pilot experiment within the Maallemuuttajat 2030 project (maallemuuttajat meaning "people moving from the city to the countryside"). The tools available on it are aimed to facilitate the organisation of events - even in remote areas - by associations. From now on, the latter can rent all basic equipment for their events from one single place. The renting fee of the event trailer has been kept low so that associations can afford it even when organising free events.

By using the tapahtumakärry, associations can lower their greenhouse gas emissions, as they do not need to purchase new equipment or cover long distances to get the material they need to organise events.

Identified challenge (s)
Main results

During the Covid-19-pandemic, the organization of events was restricted until July 2021.

  • The event trailer was rented three times in August-September 2021 for different outdoor events and one dog show.
  • The event trailer was returned to the 4H-associations in good condition.
  • 4H-associations will continue providing the service and in the coming years they plan to hire a couple of young people responsible to rent the cart as 4H entrepreneurs. In this way, they can gain working experience in the circular economy.