WOODYLOOP: circular pyjamas

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The Woody Group, a company which manufactures pyjamas, wants to use raw materials more efficiently and responsibly in the future. It also wants to take more responsibility for its products once they are put on the market.

This is why the Woody Group is looking for an innovative business model, in which their brand of pyjamas can be incorporated into the circular process after their first life. The company has therefore started a partnership with Sibille Diederichs GCV, which runs the company Joseffa. Joseffa already has considerable experience in this field, being a nightwear brand with a circular business model. The two companies are combining their know-how to design, implement and analyse a circular trajectory for Woody Pyjamas.

They have launched a pilot project consisting of:

  • a collection operation;
  • a sorting process;
  • direct reuse through charities;
  • upcycling to new products;
  • recycling by fiberisation.
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The Woody Group is bringing consumers, social economy organisations and textile industry companies into a strong, closed material recycling loop. At the end of the pilot project, conclusions will be drawn on how to optimise the system, design and reuse, as well as on return logistics and upscalability. This will form the basis for innovative circular entrepreneurship in the fashion sector.