Zero waste, 100 % recycled mix plastic shipping pallets by Stabilplastik

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Matej Tezak

Stabilplastik is Europe's only manufacturer of zero waste 100 % recycled mix plastic pallets.

Plastic shipping pallets Stabilplastik are made of recycled mixed plastic (polyethylene, polypropylene and other materials). Primary raw material is the granulate made by the recycling of sorted waste from plastic products. The pallets can be repeatedly recycled after their lifecycle is over.

The durability of Stabilplastik pallets is incomparably greater than wooden pallets; during common use, there is almost no wear. Plastic pallets do not succumb to molds, fungi or wood-decaying insects. There is no need to treat them with insecticides and fungicides.

Stabilplastik pallets are marked by greater durability, which means low costs of each turnover and, in connection with their hygienic design, they represent a modern way of packaging. The labelled pallet also becomes a returnable packaging.

Stabilplastik pallets meet the criteria for health safety and fulfil European hygene standards for use in the food industry. They resist to the vast majority of chemical substances, which also makes them fit for use in the chemical industry.


Main results

Stabilplastik pallets:

  • have a 6-10 times longer life span than wooden pallets
  • have certification for indirect use in food industries
  • cause 74 % lower CO2 fingerprint than wooden and other pallets
  • are made of 100% recycled mixed plastics, which complies zero waste production
  • resist to humidity and bio-organisms; no need for extra treatment, especially when used for export and in clean production facilities
  • are easy to maintain, washable and also protected from static electricity
  • are made of one piece, so there are no nails.