ZĪLE: when upcycling is fashion

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Latvian fashion brand ZĪLE develops its clothing while looking at a sustainable future, by adopting the concept of upcycling. The label’s main resource materials are denim trousers, men’s shirts and imagination.

According to the brand, the concept of upcycling is based on the principle of restoring existing materials in order to create a new, unique product that represents added value, identity and a green lifestyle – this is what they seek to achieve with their unique clothing collection.

As a source of materials, ZĪLE uses second-hand clothing that is either bought in vintage shops or donated by their collaboration partner - charity shop OTRĀ ELPA.

Main results
  • Development of a line of clothing entirely based on the concept of upcycling
  • Re-utilisation of ‘wasted’ clothes, transforming them into unique, new pieces of clothing.