Circular Economy in Cities: a suite of easily accessible resources

Circular Economy in Cities - Project Guide

Circular Economy in Cities - Project Guide
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Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Publication Date
May, 2019
United Kingdom
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Explore how city governments around the world are taking action to enable circular economy opportunities that deliver on a range of mayoral priorities, Sustainable Development Goals, and climate objectives. The EMF has launched Circular Economy in Cities with a global reference on the topic.

  1. Vision: What will the implementation of circular economy principles in cities look like?
  2. Factsheets: What benefits can a circular economy transition in key urban systems bring to cities?
  3. Policy levers: What can urban policymakers do to accelerate this transition?
  4. Case studies: What examples are there of urban policymakers already putting this into action?
  5. Other networks & resources: What are other organisations doing on the topic of circular economy and cities?