A Global Circular Economy Scenario?

Global Circular Economy Scenario in a Multiregional Input–Output Framework

Global Circular Economy Scenario
Kirsten S. Wiebe
Marek Harsdorff
Guillermo Montt
Moana S. Simas
Richard Wood
Publication Date
May, 2019
Other (Norway)
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Kirsten S. Wiebe

In a resource-constrained world the future economy will need to be circular.

From a policy perspective, the question is whether averting catastrophic environmental impacts through an accelerated transition to a global circular economy can also deliver sustained growth and jobs.

Multiregional input−output (MRIO) analysis models the interdependencies between industries and within/between countries as well as between intermediate and final goods producers and consumers, thus providing a useful toolbox for assessing social, environmental, and economy-wide impacts of the adoption of the circular economy.

This research paper resorts to this toolbox to compare the business-as-usual (BAU) scenario to an alternative circular economy scenario.