Informal recyclers as stakeholders in a circular economy

Informal recycling
Filippos K. Zisopoulos
Benjamin Steuer
Ricardo Abussafy
Susana Toboso-Chavero
Zhaowen Liu
Xin Tong
Daan Schraven
Publication Date
June, 2023
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Academics are studying the challenge of including the informal recycling sector (IRS) in the circular economy.

This review explores the direct and indirect contributions of the IRS to various circular economy fields, drawing on relevant literature.

  1. The modi operandi of different recycling value chains are captured in a typology.
  2. Information on reported forms of collaboration, tensions and challenges in urban waste management is summarised in a conceptual framework to facilitate the transition to circular and inclusive wise-waste systems.
  3. Important aspects related to circular business models and approaches to the IRS are discussed and avenues for further research proposed.