Rigid PU foam recycling R&D project: first results

Rigid PU foam recycling R&D project: first results

RIgid PU foam recycling
Gabor Hangosi
Publication Date
July, 2023
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Hutoepito has been awarded a HUF 197.85 million non-refundable grant by the Hungarian Ministry of Finance to fund research, development and innovation activities under the Upcycling of closed-cell rigid polyurethane foams project.

The widespread use of polyurethane foams in various industrial technologies produces high volumes of rigid PU foam waste. Proper handling of this is essential for environmental, social and economic reasons.

The goal is to produce upcycled polyurethane foam products.

The researchers first identified the upcycling opportunities of closed-cell polyurethane foam materials and purchased the necessary machinery. Later, they started production of upcycled polyurethane foam blocks and sheets, and now they are developing prototypes.