A System Change Compass - Implementing the European Green Deal in a Time of Recovery

A System Change Compass - Implementing the European Green Deal in a time of recovery

A System Change Compass
Janez Potočnik
Sandrine Dixson-Declève
Martin R. Stuchtey
Matthias Ballweg
Christina Bukow
Faustine Delasalle
Bertram Kloss
Isabel Lewren
Julia Metzner
Julia Okatz
Milan Petit
Katharina Pollich
Anna Schwarzmann
Adrien Vincent
Publication Date
October, 2020
United Kingdom
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Julia Metzner
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The European Green Deal provides the impetus to find more resilient, fair and sustainable economic systems. To deliver this ambition and recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, a systemic approach is needed.

The System Change Compass re-examines the driving forces of our socio-economic system, addressing the issues of resource consumption and environmental pressures.

The report presents future-fit policy directions and economic ecosystems (among them, nature-based, circular materials), and shows how these can better serve our societal needs and work within planetary boundaries. It also highlights 50+ champion orientations outlining a next-generation industrial landscape, with investable opportunities for jobs and a more sustainable future via COVID-19 recovery funds.