Austrian Re-Use Conference on Textiles and Circular Economy: Perspectives – Potential – Strategies

Textiles are being used for ever shorter periods of time, and on average each person throws away 11kg of textiles every year.

Fast fashion is a widely recognised problem. The textile sector is very resource-intensive and has a significant impact on the climate and environment. It uses more raw materials and water than any other sector in the EU, other than food, housing and transport.

Less than 1% of all textiles worldwide are recycled into new textiles. Low quality and cheap prices make it difficult to reuse used clothing. This puts pressure on social organisations in particular, which rely to a large extent on selling used clothing. The shift towards the circular economy is more important than ever, particularly for the textiles sector.

At the Austrian Re-Use Conference on May 19, you can expect exciting contributions on the highly topical subject of textiles and the circular economy, such as a keynote speech by Dr Willi Haas. The conference will be accompanied by the Theater im Bahnhof.

The conference will take place in German and online on 19 May, from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CEST. The detailed programme is available here. You can register until May 18.