Circular Economy Taxonomy – first working group meeting

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The CircularPSP consortium aims to solve the common challenges facing municipalities as they shift to a circular economy model. Through CircularPSP, eight leading circular cities and regions will launch a competitive tender for technical solutions overcoming organisational, information and operational barriers.

However, multiple standards and taxonomy-related issues are a universal problem. CircularPSP seeks to bring key stakeholders, leading companies and academics together to tackle the following issues:

  • Defining core terminology (i.e. taxonomy)
  • Identifying a set of core data sources
  • Documenting a core set of data standards and protocols.

This will help municipalities coordinate their work and improve on the solutions developed by suppliers. Based on the working group's findings, we will focus on pushing ahead with easily applicable and transferable indicators and benchmarks.

The work will be conducted in the shape of an open working group. Interested parties are welcome to join and contribute during events and through a living document kickstarted by CircularPSP or voluntary contributors. New versions will trigger follow-up events (2-4 per year) to update stakeholders on developments and resolve contradictions.

The results of the working group will be applied and tested by all suppliers of the CircularPSP solution, in particular through their AI. The CircularPSP tender will be released in November and is open to all parties. All parties are also free to use the working group's results during ongoing and future standardisation work and to contribute to the dialogue on the circular economy.

The first working group meeting will take place on 21 September 2023  at 10:00 - 12:00 CEST. To find out more, visit the CircularPSP website or register here.