Developing high-value products from agricultural residues

AgriLoop webinar
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AgriLoop is a groundbreaking project funded by Europe and China which is identifying innovative solutions for converting agricultural and food residues into high-value, environmentally-friendly products. It's holding a webinar on Developing high-value products from agricultural residues, to take place on 6 March at 10:30-13:30 CET.

What to expect:

  • Innovative solutions: Discover the latest advancements in safe and sustainable methods for transforming agri-food residues (such as tomato, peanut, apple, potato and grape) into proteins, biodegradable PHA-based materials and plant-based polyesters.
  • Collaboration across borders: Representatives from academic and industrial partners in Europe and China are joining forces to pioneer by-design approaches, setting the stage for a sustainable future.
  • End-user testing: Learn how the functionality and value of these bio-based products will be rigorously tested by end-users, including farmers and bio-processors.
  • Question and answer session: Opportunity to ask the experts about this innovative partnership and discuss how to get involved.

Key topics:

  • Biodegradable PHA-based materials
  • Plant-based polyesters for packaging
  • Plant and microbial proteins for food and feed

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