PACCT for Sustainability: kick-off webinar on product as a service & the economy of functionality

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PACCT for Sustainability (Product as a service to Accelerate Cooperation and Circular Transformation) is a new community. Its stated aim is to reinvent the business landscape in Europe by prioritising sustainable and responsible practices.

With the support of ADEME and their partners Michelin, BASF and Johnston Circular, they are committed to redirecting traditional business practices towards service-oriented models that support the ecological transition.

A webinar will be held on 6 February (in English) in order to launch the PACCT community. It will include speeches by ADEME, Michelin, BASF and Johnston Circular, and will set out just what PACCT hopes to achieve.

On the agenda:

  • The challenges of "Product as a Service" models and the Economy of Functionality.
  • The launch of this European community which seeks to accelerate the transformation of the economy.
  • PACCT's initiatives and ambitions for 2024

The webinar will take place at 10:30 - 12:00 CET on 6 February. Places are limited: please register.

Webinars to follow:

  • 19 March: A deep dive into governance modes
  • 14 May: Reflection on constructing the offer and associated value proposition
  • 25 June: Update on the progress of the white paper creation
  • 12 September: Session dedicated to financing strategies
  • October: Presentation of the PACCT white paper, a comprehensive guide to assist you in changing your business practices.