Sustainability in the digitilised textile world towards 2030 - "Responsible production, responsible consumption”: an Ekoteks international symposium

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Ekoteks, established in 1998, is an affiliate of the Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (iHKiB). It provides laboratory and test services for the textile and apparel industry, thus bolstering its presence on international markets. Ekoteks also organises annual symposia and international meetings, which raise the profile of the Turkish textile industry's scientific and technical capabilities.

Accordingly, Ekoteks is holding the 14th International Symposium on 10 October 2022 under the heading Sustainability in the digitalised textile world towards 2030 - responsible production, responsible consumption.

The Symposium is divided into five sessions:

  1. Alignment with sustainability principles: public policies, support and the European Green Deal 
  2. Climate change and its environmental impact
  3. Circular economy, production and sustainability
  4. Digital approach to sustainability in the apparel industry: an exemplary model of international cooperation
  5. Examples of sustainable and innovative practices

The detailed agenda is available here.