Towards inclusive and circular urban waste management systems: a seminar on social inclusion in the transition to circularity

Achieving the transition to a circular economy is no easy task; it requires the active involvement of society as a whole in the transformation of production, consumption, waste management, infrastructure, policies and regulations, etc.

How should social inclusion be factored into the switch to a circular economy? How are urban waste management systems being made inclusive and circular? How do these transformations relate to area-based development and infrastructure management, and what forms do they take in different cultural and geographical contexts?

During this event, members of the Inclusive Wise Waste Cities (IWWCs) project from China and the Netherlands will discuss these points and share their recent research findings. This will be followed by presentations citing practical examples and initiatives from the Almere Upcycling Centera modern pavilion that offers space for all facets of the circular economy, and PRICE in Flevoland. The event will also feature a workshop where participants will be able to share their viewpoints on issues relating to circularity, inclusion and resilience in waste management.