Trophées Incidences 2019 - Walloon Brabant

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Walloon Brabant

The objective of the competition is to raise the economic operators’ awareness of the economic, environmental and social challenges facing the current society. The initiative is part of the transition program of the Walloon Brabant region towards a more sustainable model by favouring eco-innovation.

This year’s edition puts the emphasis on the general concept of eco-innovation, i.e. any innovation that delivers significant progress in the way of sustainable development, reducing the impact of our production methods on the environment, and making a more efficient and more responsible use of natural resources. Eco-innovation covers all sectors of activity and integrates several concepts/products such as the circular economy (physical, intangible and energy resources), the collaborative economy, the functional economy, environmental management, green technologies, innovative agriculture, short-cycle distribution, etc.

Who can apply?

Trophées Incidences are intended for enterprises, associations/ individuals, farmers or public services — installed in Walloon Brabant — which carry an eco-innovative initiative within the meaning of the definition given above.

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