Webinar: Prototyping the future for a circular and zero waste economy

Since 2019, the Foundation for Future Generations has been supporting student entrepreneurs with the prototyping phase of a product, service or technique with a positive impact on society. Discover the winners in the fields of the circular economy and zero waste during a webinar on 23 September 2021 from 3.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.:

  • Hitch: A fastening system that makes it easy to secure various types of panels together
  • Up-Recycle: An online marketplace of objects and materials to be recovered and reused
  • Scobee: Biodegradable packaging made using micro-organisms from Belgian brewery waste
  • Tillup: An upcycled, 100% reusable and recyclable fabric, used for packaging
  • Une bière, deux tartines!: Using brewers' spent grain in human food in the form of spent grain flour
  • Been Coffee: Using coffee grounds from the Belgian coffee industry.

This webinar is in FR-NL with simultaneous FR-NL interpreting. Join us and be inspired by the 360° entrepreneurial spirit of these young creators! Please click here for the full programme and more details.