1st International Conference on the Role of Social Enterprise in a Circular Economy, Charleroi

20 Nov 2017

23-24 November, Charleroi, Belgium: A story of Community, Resilience and Innovation

Extending product lifetimes through re-use and repair has tremendous social and environmental impact and is at the heart of a circular economy vision. These activities can be a powerful vehicle to help develop human capital, strengthen social cohesion and help restore and regenerate cities and regions. Such aspects are seldom put into the spotlight during discussions on Europe’s move towards circular economy.

The main aim of the public conference on 23 November is to show-case examples of cooperation between social enterprise, public bodies and private industry and to discuss what could be done to further include community and social enterprise initiatives in Europe’s vision of a circular economy. High profile speakers ranging from the European institutions, public authorities, private industry and social enterprises will present their views in order to stimulate this important and timely debate.

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