Complete the FOODRUS survey to help solve the global food security challenge

This survey is conducted by researchers from the Food Design and Consumer Behaviour section of the University of Copenhagen (DK) as part of the FOODRUS project. Its main objective is to learn more about how European consumers feel about upcycled foods and what prevents them from consuming this type of food.

Consumers’ perception of food is vital to solve the global food security challenge. Participants in this survey can help shape the future of sustainable eating in Europe by making their voices known on upcycling!

To participate in this survey  - and also get a chance of winning a gift voucher - 5 to 7 minutes are sufficient!

The data will be used in aggregated format in the final report, which might later be turned into a scientific article. Responses will be kept private and anonymous, and the information will be stored until the manuscript is released.

Some videos on food upcycling are made available here by Foodrus as reference material.

For any inquiries, contact Prof. Marianne ThomsenAssociate Prof. Michael Bom Frøst and S. Shirin Ziaei, MSc, Research assistant, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen.