Launch of a new study on the development of recyclability indexes for photovoltaic products

The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) has commissioned a study on the development of recyclability indexes for photovoltaic products (PV modules and inverters).

The study takes due account of the European policies aiming to reduce the generation of waste, the consumption of resources and the environmental impact of electric and electronic products, including PV modules and inverters. These policies are:

  • The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Directive 
  • The Circular Economy Action Plans
  • The Ecodesign Directive and the new Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation 
  • The Energy Labelling Framework Regulation.

The study has two objectives:

  • It will analyse and develop scoring systems (indexes) for the recyclability of PV modules and inverters (there are differences in the systems for these two products).
  • It will calibrate and validate the scoring systems on real products.

It's being prepared by Viegand Maagøe, in collaboration with Universidad de Murcia and Centro Nacional de Energias Renovables (CENER).  All the consultation documents and deliverables prepared in connection with this study will be made available through this website

An initial online stakeholder meeting took place on 12 February. The meeting provided information about the study and request data input and comments from the stakeholders. Written comments and inputs can be provided and sent by email

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