What is your consumer footprint?

18 Oct 2023
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The European Commission has worked on a web-based calculator to increase the awareness of EU citizens on their environmental impact as consumers. The Consumer Footprint Calculator allows EU citizens to calculate the environmental impacts of their consumption pattern, as well as to evaluate how changes in their lifestyle may affect their personal footprint. 

The tool is based on a life cycle thinking approach, meaning that it considers the impacts occurring along the entire life cycle of the products and the energy that citizens consume. It considers five areas of consumption

  1. food
  2. mobility
  3. housing
  4. household appliances and
  5. household goods. 

The Consumer Footprint calculator covers 16 environmental impact indicators related to emissions generated into soil, water, and air as well as to resource use. The Calculator allows EU citizens to evaluate the impacts of their consumption, to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 on responsible consumption, and many other SDGs. 

This tool is available in English, Spanish and Italian.