Ostrobothnia in transition - the Roadmap for sustainable development and circular economy

Ostrobothnia in Transition - The Roadmap for Sustainable Development and Circular Economy

 Ostrobothnia in Transition
Publication Date
January, 2020
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The roadmap for Ostrobothnia (Finland) provides practical examples on how to get started or develop sustainable thinking, based on the latest research and current trends. The focus is on developing concrete guides, tools and checklists to make the change easier for entrepreneurs.

  1. Get started - Focus on sustainability
  2. Facilities & energy - Less is more?
  3. Raw materials - Everything starts from the choice of materials
  4. Design & product development - Right from the start
  5. Purchases - Have courage to set strict requirements
  6. Production & manufacturing - Produce for the future
  7. Transports & distribution - The closer the better
  8. Communication & marketing - Tell!
  9. Sales - New requirements
  10. Waste & recycling - Go through your waste recycling
  11. Co-workers & social corporate responsibility.