Kierrätyskeskus: a growing chain of big box re-use stores across Helsinki

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Kierrätyskeskus [Reuse Centre] aims to cut down the destructive habit of consuming natural resources at an unsustainable rate. Officially known as the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre, this company enables and promotes reuse through its seven stores, its webshop, and educational programmes on sustainability. The stores also provide workshops on how to refurbish and upcycle goods at home with natural and discarded supplies.

As part of its Plan B program, Kierrätyskeskus also has a label for the furniture, clothes and other items that it upcycles in-house to create individual goods. Not only are they sold at higher value, but customers benefit from cheaper items, and clear consciences regarding the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions.

Main results
  • Seven shops in the Helsinki area selling reused furniture, household items, and sustainable craft supplies
  • a webshop stocking 2000+ products
  • saved about 50 million tonnes of raw materials a year
  • educated 40,000 participants annually in environmental and crafting workshops.