Catalogue of Best Practices in Circular Economy

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The transition to a circular economy in Spain requires a coordinated and responsible approach by the public administration, the business sector and society as a whole.

The Spanish National Administration has entrusted the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge with shaping an appropriate response to this challenge. The Ministry's General Sub-Directorate for Circular Economy intends to promote the exchange of circular best practices between the main stakeholders in order to create synergies fostering this transition.

The Catalogue of Best Practices in Circular Economy (BPEC) has been prepared in order to support this approach, enabling other stakeholders to benefit from these experiences and join the transition.

Main results
  • The first call for good practices was a great success: more than 270 circular practices were submitted in 2020. Based on established criteria, 42 Best Practices in Circular Economy were selected and will be included in the first BPEC Catalogue. They will then be available to companies and any other interested parties in order to facilitate their replicability.
  • The General Sub-Directorate for Circular Economy is also working on a database of Good Practices in Circular Economy, where all the initiatives submitted that were not selected for the first BPEC Catalogue can be uploaded.