Circular catering services from Pļaviņas in Latvia

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Ineta Kalva

The Latvian town of Pļaviņas has invested in a circular catering service for Pļaviņu Gymnasium, a school with 410 students and 77 staff members. Pļaviņas is taking part in the Circular Public Procurement project that aims to introduce public procurement strategies and practices, supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

The circular canteen will offer students nutritious, healthy food with a focus on waste minimisation and environmentally-friendly transportation. It will include practices such as banning plastic containers, using seasonal fruit and vegetables, ensuring that at least 50% of the milk used is from organic sources, providing feedback on food and quality to reduce waste, and adapting portion size for pupils and staff.

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Main results


  • The municipality won the tender for pilot procurement in the Circular PP project in 2018 with a contract value of about 360 000 EUR.
  • The school estimated that food waste could be reduced by 50-70%.
  • 100% of milk will come from organic sources.
  • Menus are suited to the requirements for a healthy diet.