Circular Soap in Park Split Hotel, Croatia

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Responsible Business for a Clean World, a project initiated by the Park Split Hotel in Split (Croatia) in cooperation with the Network of Associations of People with Disabilities (NAPD) (Dalmatia), and co-financed by the European Social Fund, combines an innovative model of circular economy, social entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships.

The basics of the project involve collecting the remains of unused soap in hotels and sending it to a "soap factory", where it is cleaned, sterilised and recycled into new soap products, which are then offered back to customers at the hotel.

For more information in English, click here (chapter 4.2, page 41).

Main results
  • One of the key aims of the project was to establish a self-sustaining working centre and to raise the employability of people with disabilities, while at the same time removing the waste generated by the hotel sector.
  • Analysis of five collaborative hotels showed that normally 5,4 tonnes of half-used soap are wasted annually.
  • As well as reducing this waste, another result of the project was to improve hotels’ competitiveness with a reduction of up to 15% in operating costs.