Claerhout Aluminium or how to make roofing circular

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The roofing clips by Claerhout Aluminium are an aluminium roof trim enabling the circular finishing of a flat roof with bitumen.

This roof edge system consists of only two parts: the base profile and the moulding. The base profile provides the roof edge with a watertight finish. The moulding can then be clipped to the base profile in the suited colour. 

The base profile is provided with pre-punched, 6 x 16 mm oval holes and a front stop. The membrane's direct connection to the roof edge means saving on membrane accessories. 

The base profile and the roof edge are directly connected to each other, thus reducing the risk of leakage, breakage or damage to the surface or wall.

Practical accessories are provided to create the inside and outside corners. The 'easy corner' accessory is slid into the base profile at the corners for a seamless connection. This means that there is no need to saw into the corners with a mitre saw.

The stove-enamelled aluminium moulding is provided with rot-resistant thermoplastic rubber to ensure an optimum clamping of the roof covering.

A video is available for more information on how to assemble and disassemble the roof trim system, without damaging it, which makes it circular.

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  • All aluminium parts of the roof trim system can be disassembled and thus be reused on the same or another roof
  • A time-saving and cost-effective solution
  • Simple processing and finishing operation.