Community composting in the city of Nitra

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As part of the EU's Bioregio project, the Slovakian city of Nitra has developed a project for community composting by 50 households.

The system produces compost, which can be used as a fertiliser by the community. The project aims to lower technical barriers to the reduction of bio-waste.

It has two core goals

  • to produce compost for use by the local community
  • to raise awareness in the local community about the importance and usefulness of bio-waste. It shows people that bio-waste is a resource, not just rubbish.

Furthermore, the project requires little infrastructure. It consists of three chambers used in rotation: bio-waste is deposited in one chamber for a year, then it is closed while the waste matures into compost. Then the next chamber is opened and bio-waste is deposited in that one.

Each household was given instructions, a bucket and a key to the chambers: definitely not complicated!

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Main results
  • Engaging local communities in recycling processes and promoting the circular economy at local level
  • Raising awareness of bio-waste and its value as a resource
  • Limited financial costs and technical infrastructure involved, easy to implement
  • Decreases the costs of bio-waste collection.