From construction waste to construction material: progressive recycled wood stone

Type of funding

Destaclean® Puukivi (Wood stone) is a progressive recycled material, of which the prepared products are ecological, lightweight, durable and easy to machine.

The product range includes products for yard and environmental constructions, such as garden stones and garden furniture. Wood stone is a composite of pure recycled wood fibre, rock minerals, cement and water. Recycled wood fibre is obtained from wood waste, which is processed as a recycled raw material at a processing plant in Tuusula. With the Destaclean process, wood waste fulfils the End of Waste criteria, according to the set Finnish Waste Act.

Main results

The Destaclean® concept enables the recycling of wood waste to be used for construction needs.

Recycled wood fibre will replace some of the precious natural rock materials. The light weight properties of wood stone and the utilization of construction waste bring an ecological competitive advantage, which remains, at the same time, socially sustainable. The crushed material used in Destaclean® Wood stone received the first EoW permit to be issued for waste wood recycling in Finland (2015).