DiCE - Digital Health in the Circular Economy

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Electronic waste (e-waste) from digital health devices is a complex and growing problem requiring a holistic solution. E-waste from healthcare products may cause biological or chemical contamination, leading to its incineration, with or without energy recovery. This means that all items are destroyed.

Digital Health in the Circular Economy (DiCE) was created to bring key stakeholders together to address challenges associated with the growing use of digital healthcare products and increasing demand for raw materials to manufacture new electronic devices and other equipment.

Main results
  • A central objective of DiCE is to extend product lifetime as far as possible.
  • DiCE will be focusing on testing and piloting solutions (4 products) for a product’s end-of-life.
  • It will take into consideration circular design, state-of-the-art refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling technology that could allow maximum recovery of the product, its components and, when reuse options are no longer available, its materials.
  • Thus DiCE will support transition from a fragmented and linear “take-make-waste” business model towards a circular and sustainable one, allowing the reuse of products and recovery of components and raw materials.