FOOD-Y: giving NEETS skills and combating food waste


FOOD-Y, an Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership in youth, brings together partners from five countries to combat food waste while equipping NEETs with valuable skills.

The current 24-month project is a pilot scheme: it will shape and test the programme. The programme itself aims to give young people who are neither in employment nor in education and training (NEET) the information they need to devise innovative solutions to food waste. The young people gain the skills and confidence to make them employable while coming up with innovative ways to get the local community involved in combating food waste.

The project prioritises sustainability and transferability, aiming to create a lasting impact on communities. FOOD-Y empowers the next generation to drive positive change within a circular economy, addressing food waste and promoting a sustainable future.

During the pilot stage, the partners will:

  1. learn more about the circular economy as applied to the food sector.
  2. share expertise and best practices on other youth-oriented initiatives in the food waste sector.
  3. create multilingual learning materials with clear information about the circular economy and food waste.
  4. enable young people to find solutions to their community food waste issues.
  5. test the programme with young people, gaining active support from local stakeholders.
  6. support young people in preparing and promoting a viable proposal to solve the issues they analysed.
  7. boost the sustainability and transferability of the results by actively informing and involving local and regional stakeholders during and after the project's lifetime.
Main results
  • An educators' manual illustrating the circular economy as applied to the food sector, specifically, the food value chain and how to map key actors in it.
  • The programme toolkit and digital contents that educators and youth workers can use with young people to prepare their project.