Gravity Wave: From ocean plastic to furniture and recycled raw materials


Not just sand and fish in the sea... sadly.

There's also a truly appalling amount of plastic. All oceans and seas are affected but unfortunately the Mediterranean is right up at the top in terms of sheer quantity. Not a ranking where you want to be number I.

Gravity Wave is a social start-up based in Spain. It focuses on working with small-scale fishermen to collect as much as possible of the plastic waste fouling the Mediterranean, from water bottles to a whole load of discarded fishing nets.

It takes money to do this though, and the start-up has come up with a couple of ways to finance its operations. It works with companies, leveraging their need for genuine green credentials to attract customers. Gravity Wave offers a scheme whereby companies can offset their own carbon footprint by collecting a given amount of plastic.

The project also makes designer furniture from the plastic collected, and puts it up for sale.

Gravity Wave recycled tabletop

Plastic waste and the resulting microplastic is a major environmental problem: Gravity Wave has come up with a circular way to counter it while raising awareness about the issue.

Main results
  • In three years, 280 tons of plastic waste and fishing nets have been collected
  • Gravity Wave works with over 4000 fishermen
  • Gravity Wave has developed a unique material made from fishing nets and is engaged in an R&D project to obtain high-quality raw materials from PA, PE and PP nets
  • Gravity Wave works with over 75 companies.