Kitchen Dates – a restaurant without a rubbish bin

Kitchen Dates
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Kitchen Dates is an environmentally friendly restaurant located in Lisbon. It has the particularity of operating without generating any waste - so no use for rubbish bins! Everything that enters the premises is consumed, reused or transformed into compost.

Kitchen Dates prioritises the use of products from its own region, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of transport. Ingredients come directly from producers, in reusable containers - boxes, sacks, tins, jars. The menu is composed of vegetarian, organic, seasonal, and local food that is delivered in reusable packaging. To this end, the restaurant aims at cooperating with local community services, initiatives and businesses.

The organic waste for which the restaurant cannot find any use is treated through an electric tool called Eva that decomposes it on site in 24 hours.

Other activities developed by the restaurant include an online food shop and workshops focused on sustainable cooking techniques.

Main results
  • All the food processed and served is either consumed, reused, or turned into compost in the restaurant.
  • Maximisation of re-utilisation of food waste, with the innovation of adopting a no-garbage-bin policy.
  • Spreading awareness about how to extend the lifetime of food products.