LONGTIME® - a label for products designed to last

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Daniela Liebetegger

Each year, appliances create the equivalent of 5000 Eiffel towers in weight of electronic waste. Manufacturers often do not integrate sustainability into their product design. Consumers tend to choose replacement over repair because buying a new product is mostly cheaper. Also, consumers lack information about repair and spare parts availability.

LONGTIME®, by Ethikis, is a European independent label for consumers. it was developed to encourage the manufacturing and consumption of more sustainable products.

LONGTIME® label is:

  • 41 criteria focusing on end-to-end approach of durability;
  • an innovative solution providing durability information to consumers;
  • applicable to all manufactured goods thanks to an innovative process, allowing identification of product specificities;
  • granted after rigorous audit conducted by third-party certification bodies.

The label allows consumers to make smart product purchases based on more transparent information on the longevity/price ratio. It helps manufacturers reduce waste and production of premature waste harmful for the environment, who receive incentives to produce better and recognition for the valuable efforts made.

Main results


  • covers an extensive scope of electrical and electronic household appliances, High-Tech and Low-Tech products, tools, professional material, leisure products and soon textiles;
  • is built on all best practices available;
  • provides a unique reference for consumers;
  • reduces information asymmetry and offers the means to opt for a more responsible consumption;
  • breaks with obsolete production and consumption patterns;
  • participates in a more virtuous use of resources.