The Manhattan pop-up bistro made from 100% recyclable materials

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For New York's design week in May 2018, a pop-up Zero-Waste bistro was commissioned by the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York. It was built with materials contributing to a zero-waste future. Surfaces were made from Durat composite - i.e. 30 % post-industrial materials and natural pigments - that is 100 % recyclable. The architecture was made of ReWall Naked Board - 100 % tetrapak waste. Finnish company Kotkamills contributed with fully repulpaple and disposable cups produced without polyethylene plastic.

The food - only from local and organic products - was created by the staff of the Helsinki-based zero-waste Restaurant Nolla, that aims to employ foodstuff that would typically be discarded, and also avoids or recycles all food packaging.

Main results
  • The pop-up Zero-Waste Bistro was built entirely of recycled and recyclable materials. It was using sustainable design pieces – iconic Finnish furniture and tableware that last from generation to generation.
  • The restaurant won a Sustainability Award at the Frame Awards in Amsterdam.

Image: Finnish Cultural Institute, New York