Mater: chairs from spent brewery grain

Mater Mask stool
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In Denmark, the interior design company Mater has developed chairs made out of brewery waste. The production method uses plastic waste and the grain left over from beer production at the Danish brewery Carlsberg.

This Mask Stool is designed by Danish architect Eva Harlou. The design is the result of a new and ground-breaking production method which allows Mater to use the low-value waste from Carlsberg’s beer production – spent grain, or ‘mask’ in Danish – and turn it into useful and unique design solutions. In collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, Mater has developed a new industrial technology for processing waste, specifically spent grain from beer production along with other fibre-based waste materials.

After years of research and tests, Mater managed to process the waste material and mix it with post-industrial plastic waste in a unique compound suitable for press moulding. The Mask stool demonstrates a waste-to-value technique and solution for reusing companies’ resources more efficiently, while caring for Mother Earth and the next generations.

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Main results
  • The production method enables companies to create their next interior solution based on their own waste streams
  • Demonstration of a waste-to-value technique and solution for reusing companies’ resources more efficiently
  • The Mask Stool supports United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 12, 13 and 17
  • Development of a method for recycling grain waste, for which there are currently few recycling practices
  • Contribution to circular practices in the furniture market