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NoW™ Technology ensures that your packaging and paper-based products are used again and again


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Bassano in Teverina (Viterbo - Lazio Region)

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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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Thanks to No Waste (NoW) Technology - an international patented technology - flexible packaging in the paper supply chain becomes recyclable. This technology works on the basis of the recyclability standard (ATICELCA 501/19 UNI 11743) by means of a laminating process that allows the full recovery and reuse of the main raw materials within their supply chains.

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  • Reduction in the use of plastic packaging especially for dry foods such as pasta, vegetables, dried legumes, bakery, sugar sachets, sweets, outer packing etc.
  • The reference market for the product is "potentially" worth about 50% of the flexible packaging market used in the food sector.
  • This kind of material is already used in the Pasta, Fruit & Vegetable and Sugar sectors, both in Italy and abroad.
  • Plant-based raw materials and recycled paper products are collected for processing.
  • Raw materials are converted into paper-based laminated packaging or paper-based coated products
  • Products used by consumers are recycled.