PC4Change – Electronic refurbishing with the best of intentions

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PC4Change is a project of the Reware Cooperative - Social Enterprise, specialized since 2013 in the refurbishing of computers dismissed by large companies. These are invited to donate the hardware they intend to replace and to choose the non-profit organisation they want to support.

Reware tests, upgrades and installs the IT assets and then sells them to customers. 20% of the sales value goes to finance non-profit initiatives in agreement with the donor.

PC4Change incentivises companies to give decommissioned computers, because, in so doing, they can finance non-profit activities in the environmental, social and humanitarian fields at no cost.

At the same time, the project allows companies to save on disposal costs,  Reware to generate green jobs and everyone to benefit from a healthier environment with minimal production of e-waste and minimal waste of natural resources.

In less than two years this completely self-financed project has made it possible to regenerate hundreds of computers and to donate several thousand euros to important social, humanitarian and environmental projects.

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  • Since June 2018, PC4Change has financed 4 projects with a total of EUR 7 500, thanks to the regeneration of about 500 computers.
  • The funds supported the development of a medical center for people in need, reconstruction in earthquake-stricken areas and a major civil and circular economy project.
  • Not only was this whole operation self-financed, but it also allowed a social enterprise, focused on circular economy and environmental protection, to work and provide green jobs.