PeeCycle: making fertiliser from urine

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A resource which will never run out - and makes flowers bloom!

With the support of the Belgian Fondation pour les Générations Futures, PeeCycle is a company that produces fertilisers from urine.

The company aims to reduce the production and import of fertilisers from all over the world while making more efficient use of an inexhaustible source of minerals which is currently viewed as waste. Peecycle processes urine collected from specialised companies to manufacture a product that can be tailored to specific crops and from which any pathogens, hormones and heavy metals have been extracted. Rich in nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen and other trace elements essential for plants, urine can reduce dependence on industrial fertilisers.

Main results

Using urine to produce fertiliser:

  • helps reduce the amount of water processed by wastewater treatment plants
  • helps avoid eutrophication (algae proliferation) of waterways due to too high a concentration of nutrients in wastewater
  • turns waste into a sustainable, circular resource
  • In addition, moving away from industrial fertilisers reduces the pressure on mining resources and the carbon emissions associated with their production and transport.