PET to PET Reycling:The bottle-to-bottle loop

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PET to PET Reycling Österreich

At PET to PET Recycling, the raw material for new bottles is produced from old PET bottles using a modern, energy-efficient process that also prevents the material from being damaged. PET bottles are converted into PET flakes and PET pellets using two different processes. PET flakes are thoroughly cleaned using the patented URRC process (United Resource Recovery Corporation), which also prevents the material from being damaged. The PET is then melted and converted into pellets. Both types of recycled material are brought to a high, food-grade level of quality. The PET flakes and PET pellets are filled into so-called big bags and used in the production of new PET bottles by preform and bottle manufacturers. Based on the bottle type, the percentage of recycled PET is at least 30%. Depending on the size and shape, some PET bottles may also contain a much higher percentage of recycled material.

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  • Annual results 2017: a new recycling record in its tenth year of existence: 23 300 tonnes of PET material and
  • 930 million PET bottles could be fed back into the sustainable resource cycle.
  • This represents an increase of 6 % over the previous year.