Purrot: A self-cleaning vibrating Rotor-filter to separate manure or treat waste water

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Technopolis Group

PurFil's PURROT is a self-cleaning vibrating Rotor-filter, integrated with a high pressure screw press, that can mechanically separate organic matter and nutrients from liquid, without using chemicals. The module is used primarily for separating liquid manure (slurry) or sewage and for public waste water treatment.

Whether it is pig or cattle manure, or digested media from biogas, PURROT can separate liquid from a "fibre fraction" that is suitable for thermic gasification or rapid composting for subsequent use.

Main results
  • Following a successful EU ETV verification of a prototype, the module is ready for the market.
  • The module can reduce area requirements by approximately 35 % and transport/distribution costs by 75-95 %.
  • PURROT produces a fibre-fraction with > 40 % dry matter.