ResQ - finding a buyer for that leftover cupcake

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ResQ Club is a Finnish company and mobile application, which also covers parts of Sweden, Poland and Germany. Its goal is to combat food waste by connecting sustainable restaurants, cafés and food shops with consumers who appreciate affordable quality food.

Restaurant partners can drastically reduce their food waste using ResQ, as the service enables consumers to find and "rescue" surplus food near them. Whenever a customer opens the ResQ app, they can easily locate available affordable surplus food using a map and list. The food available consists of meals, ready-to-eat snacks and large bags of food, usually with a 50% discount on regular prices. Unlike food delivery apps, there is no waiting involved – customers can collect their ResQ orders immediately.

Main results
  • Over 160 000 meals sold, every month, through the application.
  • 400 tonnes of CO2 saved every month.
  • With tens of thousands of active buyers and more than 1000 sustainable food businesses on the platform, ResQ is working to prevent last-mile food waste in restaurants, cafés and food shops. Every meal purchased via ResQ is one less meal thrown away, helping urban communities to waste less and be more sustainable.