The reusable Ocean Package for e-commerce

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The Ocean Package UG is a Munich-based start-up which aims to make e-commerce more environmentally friendly and sustainable. They have therefore designed reusable packaging made of recycled polypropylene, which contains plastic collected from the North Sea.

Their product can be used 20 times more often than conventional cardboard packaging - for example for online shipping. A distinct advantage of their packaging is the significant reduction in waste: their box is responsible for just one twentieth of the packaging waste produced by 20 cardboard boxes, which can only be used once each.

In addition, they are tackling one of the biggest problems of our time by taking at least 25% of its weight in plastic out of the ocean with every box they produce. They have managed to raise the marine plastic content to around 25% in an initial test extrusion and aim to increase this further in coming test phases.

In addition to 25% of their packaging being made up of marine plastic, just under 40% is recycled material and only 35% is virgin, in order to be able to guarantee a certain stability and continuity of the packaging.

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The Ocean Package aims to replace the current one-way system in shipping with their reusable system.

  • They use plastic polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable.
  • Their product is made mostly of recycled materials, with a large proportion consisting of marine plastic. Using marine plastic leads to an impressive improvement in your environmental footprint. By using 1000 kg of recycled marine plastic, you save about 1675 kg of CO2 and avoid primary plastic materials.
  • The product can be used for up to twenty cycles.
  • They are creating an efficient and sustainable return system, as well as smooth delivery of returnable packaging.
  • By using this product, you are contributing directly to closing the materials loops and further reducing landfill and marine pollution.